short-term teams

By Marilyn Todd

We have had a very busy March, starting off with the Trinity Christian School Mission Team coming in for a week to work and play with our kiddos, it was great! Two men from the group and a few kids got six new metal benches made for the school side of NLCH. They are wonderful!! They also worked on tree trimming and making new table covers.

We also welcomed a group came in from Houston to do a seminar for leaders of children’s homes here in Guatemala. It was a blessing to all of the leaders who participated.

For Semana Santa (Holy Week) 2016, we were excited to welcome a team from Gaithersburg, MD, to do the games for the yearly tradition of the "Olympics." The kids were able to play in pools nearly the whole week, and they also went off site to a water park for one day. The team finished off the week here with the Journey to the Cross walk for the kids. It was very moving and it really touched some lives.

We are looking forward to hosting Lakeridge UMC Team from Lubbock, TX.  They will be focusing on building Tommy’s new shop, as we will be starting a new building to house restrooms and office space for the school.

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