Short-term TEams

By Kendon Wheeler

Summer is a time when many are able to serve on short term mission teams. We are grateful for the short-term volunteers who come to bless and serve alongside us on the field. Many times, they bring special skills or gifts which enhance what God has called us to do.

The other side of short-term mission teams is the impact that it has on the individual and on local churches. Folks are able to see and experience first hand the work and ministry being done. Many are forever changed. Some even feel that God is calling him or her to serve as a long-term missionary or as a mission intern.

Since the early 1980s NLAI has been blessed with hundreds if not thousands of volunteers. So if you have been a part of any of the short term teams, either in going or in giving that others might go, thank you! We, also, are forever changed and are thankful for your service and contribution.

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