The Super Bowl just ended, Olympic skiers have been hurtling down mountainsides, and March Madness approaches; I'm sure you've heard the word momentum recently. We are experiencing MOMENTUM in the expansion project at New Life Christian School, one of the important outreach ministries of New Life Children's Home. With Phase 1 completed and Phase 2 well underway, our dreams of improved safety and security, addition of high school classes, and an expanded special needs program seem more and more attainable. If you've experienced God laying a vision on your heart that seems to be too big for you, and then watching Him do it right before your eyes, you know how excited we are!

You can be a part of this God-sized project by giving online and designating the "NLCH-Building Projects fund, or sending a check with "School Expansion" in the memo to NLAI, PO Box 35857, Houston, TX 77235-5857. 


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Founded in 1954, New Life Advance International (NLAI) is a faith-based mission organization dedicated to proclaiming Christ to the nations. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we believe that:

Children at risk will be rescued, 

leaders will be equipped, 

and communities will be transformed

...all for the glory of God.

NLAI missionaries work alongside Guatemalan nationals in the areas of rescuing children at risk, preventing human trafficking, evangelism, discipleship and community transformation. 

NLAI strives to conduct all of its activities with total honesty and integrity, and is an accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).