Caring for at-risk, orphaned and abandoned children drives the mission of NLAI, and child sponsorship drives our ability to provide for these precious ones in our care.

New Life Children’s Home in Villa Nueva, Guatemala, currently cares round-the-clock for 49 children which is funded by child sponsorships. Many other well-know sponsorship programs provide only one aspect of the child’s care, but here at NLCH, we provide every aspect of care which includes but is not limited to food, clean water, medical, psychological and dental care, a Christ-centered education, life-skills training, and a home environment with Jesus at the center. To do this at full capacity, each NLCH child needs 15 sponsors at $35/month.

After more than a year of living through a global pandemic, in which some of our sponsors lost employment and in which we were unable to host short-term mission teams (the primary source of new sponsors), we are significantly below our full-funding level. In response to this deficit in sponsors, a former NLAI board member and long-time supporter has initiated the Double Your Impact Sponsorship Challenge. Through the end of 2021, he will MATCH up to 50 NEW child sponsorships throughout 2022! Click the button below to begin a new sponsorship!

Double Your Impact

Our belief is that once you’ve experienced the joy of sponsoring one of our children, you’ll want to keep sponsoring him or her in order to impact that child’s life for years to come. We have seen the beauty of this type of long-term relationship throughout the history of NLCH. Click on the "Sponsor Testimony" button below above for two stories of long-term sponsorship and the impact it has made.


Once you sign up, you will receive more information about your child and an update each June. You’ll also receive a Christmas card from him or her. In addition, you are welcome to communicate via mail or email, or give toward your sponsored child’s birthday celebration.

We invite any of our supporting churches to consider holding a sponsorship drive to take advantage of this chance to double the impact of sponsorships. Contact Kristy Mehner at for more information. 

SPONSOR a child at NLCH

For just $35 each month, you can sponsor a child at New Life Children's Home.  Your tax-deductible contribution helps to provide: food and clean water, medical/dental care, a Christ-centered education, important life-skills training and a home environment where Jesus is the center!

Due to the complex adoption laws in Guatemala, thousands of children are not afforded the opportunity to live in a loving and safe family environment. These children suffer abuse, neglect, and trauma. Since 1976 NLCH has been and continues to be a "family" for hundreds of these precious ones, providing healing for past wounds and hope for the future.


1. First, please complete the Child Sponsor Information Form so that we have all of your information and sponsorship preferences.

2. Click here to give online. Under "FUND" choose NLCH Child Sponsorship.

If you don't want to give online, we have other sponsorship options for you! 

3. Set up payment (2 options), but need to complete the Info Form first! 

  • Option 1: Download and complete the Direct Debit Form, and mail back to our Houston office. For security reasons, this form cannot be completed online — our records require a signed hard copy, along with a voided check from your bank account.
  • Option 2: By check. Please make out to "New Life Advance International" and add "Child Sponsorship" in the memo line. Mail check to our Houston Office at: New Life Advance International, PO Box 903, Stafford, TX 77497. If you have questions about your child sponsorship, please contact us via email at


To donate specifically to your sponsored child for his or her birthday, make a donation under "NLCH General" and add the information in the "Project Preference" box on the giving form, or email our home office at to notify us of your gift. 


Have you written your sponsored child lately? A few words of encouragement can brighten his or her day! 

There are 2 ways to send them a message:

1. Write your child today using our sponsor e-mail address:

2. Send them a card or note by *snail mail (No packages, cash or checks please! ):  

     New Life Children’s Home QB0087  

     Attn: {enter child's name}          

     P.O. Box 25368  Miami, FL 33102-5368  

*Please note snail mail may take longer than normal, so plan accordingly.