new life Christian school expansion

I'm sure you've heard the word momentum recently. Momentum describes the idea that a crucial point has been reached and somehow forward motion appears to increase and things seem easier to accomplish. Real or perceived, momentum creates confident energy and excitement.

We are experiencing MOMENTUM in the expansion project at New Life Christian School, one of the important outreach ministries of New Life Children's Home. With Phase 1 completed and Phase 2 well underway, our dreams of improved safety and security, addition of high school classes, and an expanded special needs program seem more and more attainable. If you've experienced God laying a vision on your heart that seems to be too big for you, and then watching Him do it right before your eyes, you know how excited we are!

Now we are praying for what I'm calling "more-mentum," a continuation and increase in the movement forward we are seeing now. We are trusting God to raise passion in the hearts of his people for this project. If you sense the Holy Spirit doing just that in your own heart, we invite you to be part of the project's MOMENTUM by contributing financially in whatever way you feel led. You can give online (see the button below and select "NLCH-Building Projects" as the fund) or send a check with "School Expansion" in the memo to NLAI, PO Box 35857, Houston, TX 77235-5857. 

The finished project will give us double classroom space and allow us to launch a high school program in January 2019. God-willing and with the approval of the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, we will then offer a high-quality Christian education to children from pre-school all the way through 12th grade. The new facility will also include administration offices, classroom space for elementary and pre-school students, new facilities for our special education students and learning disabilities program, and updated bathroom facilities. Our current school building will be used exclusively for students in grades 7-12.

The cost of the entire project is just under $1.6 million and will be completed in three phases. Phase 1, the bathroom and outdoor snack area, is complete! The second phase will consist of a space for special education programs, library and computer lab, and construction for the first floor began in October 2017. Phase 3 will include the pre-school, elementary classrooms and offices. 

A History of New Life Christian School

1991-We registered the school with the Ministry of Education, beginning with Grades 1-6.

1994-We added Kindergarten and Pre-School.

1995-We began construction on a three-story 14-classroom building, which was completed in 1997.

1999-We added a multi-purpose gym for PE, recess and special events like graduations.

2000-We celebrated our first graduating class of 9th graders.

2004-We added a larger education facility with additional classrooms, office space, a music room and a room for home economics.

2007-We added programs for Special Education and students with learning disabilities.

2014-We added education for the hearing impaired.

2016-We have an enrollment of 405 students, including 42 in the special education, learning disability and hearing impaired programs. 

To view the school's Spanish website, click here.