Direct Withdrawal Set-up Information

Direct Withdrawal, or an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) allows the donor to set up automatic, recurring donations directly to NLAI. Funds will be applied in accordance with your stated preference (NLAI ministry or NLAI staff worker).  Direct Withdrawal benefits NLAI in that fees are minimal ($0.10/transaction) in comparison to fees associated with credit cards (up to 3% of total gift).

The form below authorizes NLAI to withdraw a designated amount of funds from your bank account on the 16th of every month. You can cancel your contributions via direct withdrawal at any time by notifying the NLAI Home Office via email. 

If you desire to take advantage of this service, download our Direct Withdrawal Authorization Form. Once it is completed and signed, please send via mail to us at: 
New Life Advance International
PO Box 903, 

Stafford, TX 77497
For security reasons, this form cannot be completed online — our records require a signed hard copy, along with a voided check or routing and bank account numbers.

You can also select "Bank Account Transfer" for your payment option when you use our online giving site.