new life children's home

New Life Children’s Home (NLCH) in Villa Nueva, Guatemala is a refuge and safe haven for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children. Our passion and purpose are the nourishment and healing of mind, body and soul for children in crisis. We provide love, safety, shelter, food, medical care, education, recreation, discipleship and a family in which to belong,


In Guatemala, over 17,000 children/year are orphaned, abandoned or removed from their home for neglect, abuse and trafficking. Yet, there are only 105 licensed foster families in the entire country, and only 86 families trained and willing to adopt; of which 75% will take only one child who is under the age of 4.


What that means in general is that – despite the recent trend to cast all children’s homes as nonviable options for rescue – a loving home like NLCH becomes an oasis in the desert of suffering and the very best option available. Specifically, in the lives of Ruth and Jon, it means that NLCH was God’s instrument to save them from despair and to give them hope of a better future.

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NLCH History

New Life Children's Home (NLCH) was established in Villa Nueva, Guatemala in 1976 by Dr. Fred Jarvis, the founding president of New Life Advance International (NLAI), formerly known as New Life League International.  

NLCH is a very special place where children are rescued from abuse, abandonment or abject poverty from some of Guatemala’s worst slums. At NLCH, each child receives 24-hour-a-day loving care, a Christian education and discipleship. Here, they experience the love and joy of Jesus Christ.