echo reach soccer ministry

Roblans and Jessi Mejia lead Echo Reach, a ministry working in the red zones of Guatemala city and using soccer as a platform to bring the gospel of Christ to children and youth. 

The ministry will go beyond elementary schools and into middle and high schools, where we are excited to see our graduates become leaders in ministry as they break the chains of drugs, gangs, violence and alcohol that is so present and prevalent in their world.  

The ministry's mission is to develop Christ-like character and to make disciples through participation Echo Reach Soccer Ministries. They are eager to bring light into the darkness that is in Guatemala City and to bring hope to children where only desperation and hopelessness currently exists. For more information, please follow their Facebook Page or contact them via email.

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Testimonial from Rodrigo: "Echo Reach helped me come to know God, to be motivated to grow closer to God and to be the best version of myself that I could be. Through soccer, they supported me in the important years of adolescence as I was being formed into an adult. I learned that if I hold tightly to Christ's hands, nothing is impossible. I know that he has a purpose for my life. I am excited to work alongside the ministry and pass on to other boys and girls what I learned through this experience."